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Observation Planning

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Redbex supports the creation of observation plans, i.e. plans that define in which time intervals you expect how many observations for each feature in a set of features. A plan can be checked i.e. can be compared against the actual observations stored with features and the violations will be recorded.

Observation plans are configured as a Feature Directives an are therefore linked to features but can apply to member features of that feature as well. Observation plans can be defined for sets of features regardless of the feature type. If an observation plan applies to a feature with data source connector the plan will not check this feature.

Basically an observation plan defines time intervals and the minimum and maximum number of expected features in these time intervals. The time intervals can be defined either in Simple Or Expert mode.

When an observation plan is checked it will cont the number of observations in the defined time intervals and will record any violations found.

No matter how the time intervals are defined an observation plan will always only check observations prior to the current date and time. I.e. time intervals in the observation plan with a start date in the future will never be checked, time intervals with a start date in the past but an end date in the future will be used only by the Observation Plan Reminder functionality.


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