Database Version:
Application Server Version: 1.28.16020.16021
Smart Client Version 1.28.16020.16021

New Features

  • Interlab import
  • Feature Type: Air Quality
  • Feature Type: Vibration
  • Feature Type: Noise
  • Feature Type: TMO Building
  • Full coverage with Context Picker controls (using domain focus)
  • Hierarchical display option for domain context
  • Group and Platform relation support in presentation templates, now expanding multiple levels
  • Effective User Group Membership and effective User Group Members are displayed
  • Report type: Generic with chart
  • Report type: Generic with map
  • Report type: Generic with Chart and Map


  • Changes to the feature type laboratory analysis
  • WMS: Bounding Box reported by WMS can be used for initial zoom
  • TMO Import: Now imports feature types
  • Charting: Time Value Chart: Level 1 Property classification filter uses classification element picker.
  • UConfiguration: Behavior of selection lists that do not allow null.
  • Smart Client: User and User Groups: Hides administrative functions if no permission, and moved to Common Ribbon.

Bug Fixes

  • Map View, WMS layers: Axis orientation
  • Map View, WMS layer: Problem if service requires authentication
  • Map View, WMS layer: Get Capabilities was called multiple times
  • Create Root View: Toolbar button was sometimes disabled
  • Map View: Various Problems with Shape File layer
  • Directives Evaluation: Deleted Features were included in results.
  • Map view: Multiple display of features or observations if feature is expanded from other features several times.
  • Map view: Saving as BMP on Smart Client did not include Raster layers
  • Smart Client Date time picker: Manual Edit not possible if Smart Client Culture differs from
  • Operating System culture.