See what Redbex can do for you

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Axis section drawings

Easily display data along a given axis e.g. railway line, tunnel, street etc. and save hours of work with Redbex' axis section drawings.


Forget about routine paperwork. Let Redbex prepare reports for you. Automatically.

Limitless charting possibilities

Redbex comes with many different charts which allow to represent, analyse and compare any sensor data graphically.

Present data on maps

Redbex includes its own GIS engine that allows you to present and edit all your data on maps.

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Model your domain

Data in Redbex is organized into domains. In simple words domain is like a real world project. In reality, it is much more than that.

Everything is related

In Redbex it is possible to build hierarchies of features, which can facilitate the navigation and convey additional meaning.

Unleash the power of views

With Redbex your data is always at your fingertips, because it is dynamically organized with views. Think of all your data as of a big warehouse, where you can decide, how you organize your data and who can access it.

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Separation of data and presentation

In Redbex all data that you observe is stored in a generic format. This opens limitless possibilities for data analysis, processing and presentation.

Bear watching

With Redbex you can observe really anything. Even bear movements.

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Ensure your data is valid

Have you ever been wondering that all your manually recorded data is really complete and correct? No need for that now. Redbex supports data validation. This means, you can define certain rules for your data and [...]

Observation Planning

With Observation Planning Redbex provides a mighty tool for comparing planned observations with the actual observations recorded i.e. the monitoring plan with the actual performed measurements. This can be used to compare actual monitoring work against contractually agreed targets and to plan future monitoring tasks. […]

Approval workflows

Redbex provides data control through its approval process.

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Trace changes

The simple question "Who changed what and when?" can become crucial if some problems arise. Redbex is ready for this.

Active Directory integration

Redbex user management can give you fine grained control over your data. But how to set up all those users in a big company? Active Directory integration will help.

User management

Users, user groups and an extremely flexible privilege management makes Redbex the perfect match for complex organizational structures.