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In order to be able to use Redbex system, you will essentially need the following components:

  • Redbex Smart Client: The full featured User Interface for the Redbex System
  • Redbex Application Server: The Server software the Smart Client connects to
  • Redbex Application Database: The backend where all the data is stored (Based on SQL Server)

The download of the Redbex Smart Client is free for all. For downloading the Redbex Application Server and the Redbex Application Server Database you will need to purchase a license first.

Smart Client
(Full version)

The Smart Client Full version needs administrator privileges to be installed. The Setup includes .NET 4.5, and installs the Smart Client for all users on one Computer.


Smart Client
(Light version)

The Smart Client Light version is the recommended Smart Client Setup for most users. It installs without administrator privileges for the current Windows user. Requires .NET 4.5 Framework to be installed.


Smart Client
(Portable version)

The Smart Client Portable version installs without administrator privileges for the current Window user only. Requires .NET 4.5 Framework to be installed. Allows parallel installation of different versions.


Redbex Download Center

The Redbex Download center provides setups for all Redbex components for the latest Redbex release and for older releases:

  • Setups for the Redbex Application Server (registered customers only);
  • Setups for the Redbex Application Server Database
  • Update Routines for already installer Redbex Application Server Databases
  • Setups for multi-instance Application Server installations
  • Setups for all versions of the Redbex Smart Client
  • Setups of older Redbex releases for all above mentioned components
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Eager to see Redbex in action? There are several ways how you can get more insight to the Redbex software system:

  • Online demonstration: Contact us to make an appointment for an online presentation or Redbex. One of our experts will take you on a guided tour through Redbex. The tour will take about 30 minutes to one hour. Interested? Contact us.
  • Request access to a Redbex demo server: If you want to test-drive Redbex yourself, the easiest option is to request access to one of our demo servers. This way the only thing you need to install locally is the Redbex Smart Client.
  • Install Redbex yourself with a demo license: To test Redbex in your IT-Environment we also offer demo licenses. With a demo license you can install all components of the Redbex Software system.
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Purchase Redbex

Redbex is a mighty and comprehensive software system. If you are interested in purchasing Redbex our experts will be happy to discuss your requirements with you and provide a customized quotation.

Prices for Redbex vary largely depending on your usage of the software among others following factors play an important role:

  • Number of user (total)
  • Number of concurrent users
  • Feature types used
  • Number of data domains
  • Amount of data stored

Alongside a plain license we also offer services that might be needed (especially if you are new to Redbex): Training, Configuration, Hosting, Support Packages

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