Database Version: 1.20.*
Application Server Version: 1.29.*.*
Smart Client Version 1.29.*.*

New Features

  • Map View: Observation Properties from 1st level property collections can be used in Layers
  • Observation Property – Isoline, Observation Property – Scaled, Observation Property – color gradient
  • Map View: New layer Observation property – color gradient
  • Creation of contained features: Members of contained features can now be created directly from the container feature (Feature Explorer, Feature Editor)
  • Calcualated Properties: Property structures can now have calculated properties that get their values by a predefined formula combining other properties of the same observation or feature
    Validation Correction: Numeric properties now allow the definition of validation correction rules. These rules will define valid values and value ranges and will automatically correct invalid values to the nearest valid value.
  • Display settings for Quantity and Numeric: Grouping character now optional
  • Display settings for Quantity and Numeric: Option to strip off trailing zeros
  • New options in Feature Configuration (General Configuration): Display Sampling Timestamp,
  • Display Result Timestamp, Display Erroneous switch, Display Sensor, Name of Sampling
  • Timestamp, Name of Result Timestamp
  • New Feature Type characteristic: single observation only
  • New Feature Types:
    • Soil analysis
    • Injection
    • Shotcrete Application
    • Bolting Protocol
    • Q-System
    • Scaling
    • Blasting Journal


  • TMO Import: Performance enhancements
  • Feature Creation templates can be selected from Ribbon (if Domain focus is set)
  • Map View: Performance Improvement Feature location layer
  • Feature Editor: Unused Tabs are hidden
  • Feature Editor: Observation Property structure display mode is persisted

Bug Fixes

  • Smart Client crash: Adding new map file set without coordinate system
  • Smart Client crash: Removing a domain association from a view crashes the Smart Client
  • Map tile cache was not used for open street maps
  • Chart: Axis Chart and Cross chart had wrong setting