Database Version:
Application Server Version: 1.30.16139.16141
Smart Client Version 1.30.16139.16141

New Functionality

  • Import & Export: Definitions now part of the domain context and are not user specific any more.
  • Smart Client: Opening Classifications from property structures
  • Smart Client: Search in Domain context and in context pickers.
  • Map View: Tile Caching for WMS layer
  • Smart Client: New time span control


  • Used Classification Check at the beginning of import.
  • Feature type update
  • Translation Preparation
  • Validation Correction: Enhancements for definition of intervals with stepwidth
  • Missing permission messages when loading the domain explorer removed.
  • Classification element import with generic text import

Bug Fixes

  • Creation model validation problem when creating features with existing parent feature
  • Observation property structure configuration cannot be opened if a configuration is already existing
  • Mouse wheel could be used to modify values of calculated properties
  • Smart Client loads for a long time when opening an import session that created thousands of features
  • After changing password the Smart Client was left in a status not connected and not disconnected
  • Cannot associate two or more domains with one view
  • Identity domain was wrongly calculated / checked
  • Wrong translation of Values for pressure Quantities

Hot fix 1 (released 2016-02-12)

Database Version:
Application Server Version: 1.30.16139.16142
Smart Client Version 1.30.16139.16142

  • Added better logging for reasons of feature creation failure
  • Fixed bug with WFS Get capabilities, some capability documents could not be parsed.
  • Fixed missing support for text properties in customizable generic import
  • Fixed a bug with WFS Zoom to Extent.

Hot fix 2 (released 2016-02-15)

Database Version:
Application Server Version: 1.30.16139.16143
Smart Client Version 1.30.16139.16143

  • Fixed bug that import was not working without an origin domain set
  • Fixed bug with import that prevented importing spatial data under some circumstances
  • Fixed bug that caused a Smart Client Crash while creating an alarm action for an observation spying definition