Database Version:
Application Server Version: 1.32.16060.16060
Smart Client Version 1.32.16060.16060

New Functionality

  • New Language: Swedish (Application Server and Smart Client)
  • In Feature Calculations: Simple Feature Type based calculations on single features


  • Map View: Opacity setting not working for all map view layers
  • Feature type Injection Protocol: New calculated property for “Total grout volume”
  • Feature type: Water flow: In Feature calculation: Mean Flow
  • Generic import format: now supports a wider range of encodings

Bug Fixes

Map view: Map file set layers not shown in report display of map view.
Map view: WMS layer not included in report display of map view

Hot fix 1 (Released 2016-03-02)

Database Version:
Application Server Version: 1.32.16060.16062
Smart Client Version 1.32.16060.16062
Fixed: Import type GVR does not find already existing Ground water level features
Fixed: Generic import shows calculated properties for mapping
Fixed: Server location import source did not show “import only changed files” option
Added: Better description of properties in generic import.