Database Version:
Application Server Version: 1.34.16090.16096
Smart Client Version 1.34.16090.16096

New Functionality

  • Feature Browser & Traceability window merged to Feature Explorer window
    • Reload for Feature selection and Feature sets
    • Filter for features in all panels
  • Map View: New DEM Tool for querying digital elevation models
  • Map View: Observation property layers changed: Now named Observation Property – Midpoint,
  • Observation Property – Shape
  • Notifications: Summary for Unread messages, Pending alarms, Approval Obligations etc.
  • Sensor Usages: Usages for a sensor can now be displayed from the sensor.
  • Smart Client: Remote Support Client and Support information available from the backstage view.


  • Domain Explorer:
    • Tool tips for all elements in Domain Context
    • Partial re-query for Domain Context nodes
    • Improvements to the Import Definition and Export Definition nodes: Import sessions can be opened directly, definitions can be deleted directly
  • UConfiguration: Conditional settings
  • Map View:
    • New labeling options (including text template option)
    • Optional axis offset for axis located elements
    • Select Features from displayed observation
    • Observation Alarms on features: Filter alarm severity, use different icons
  • Charting UI (Smart Client): Focus is automatically set to newly added pin
  • Smart Client: HTML Editor for
  • Import: File source File From Depot is now saved with the import definiiton
  • Views: Region Term now supports also searching for features located on axes
  • Axis Section Drawing: Legend can be hidden

Bug Fixes

Messaging: Message list does not show scroll bar
Image editor: Loading progress lasts forever if axis reference system is missing
Digital Elevation Model: Wrong height calculated under some conditions
Axis Section Drawing:
Smart Client Crash
Order of title and subtitle wrong with small font-sizes
Font is not scaled automatically
Deleting a domain was not possible under some circumstances.
Smart Client: Associated data window: Sometimes wrong observation/feature selected
Smart Client: Open features from pending alarms did not work

Hot fix 1 (Released 2016-04-07)

Smart Client Version 1.34.16090.16098

  • Fixed: Smart Client Crash when opening Notifications