Database Version:
Application Server Version: 1.35.16118.*
Smart Client Version 1.35.16118.*

New Functionality

  • Associated data hint is shown for features and observations
  • Feature Editor: Tabular observation display mode: Reworked grid
  • Feature Editor: Observation property: Single observation display mode: New property structure presentation type Collection tables
  • User defined Grouping Path for Domain Context elements (Chart templates, map templates, report templates, axis section drawing templates, sensors, Axes, Cross sections, Approval templates, Feature creation templates, Import definitions, Export definitions)
  • Sensors in domain context: Removed from beneath feature types and added as separate node.
  • Map View: New layer type: Observation plan violations
  • Application Server API profiling


  • Replaced drop down list for sensor selection with Picker in Feature Editor
  • Axis Section Drawing: Disabling legend keeps scale display
  • Translation support for Smart Client
  • Translation support for Application Server
  • TMO Import: Property name is now imported
  • Message Center: Auto Mark Messages as read
  • Message Center: Message list shows Read status
  • Data Change Logs directory: Renamed to Optional Logs directory
  • Spatial system is remembered on feature creation

Bug Fixes

  • Classification window: Single instance