Database Version:
Application Server Version: 1.36.16132.*
Smart Client Version 1.36.16132.*

New Functionality

  • New Job Type: Active Directory synchronization
  • Application Server Performance Counters


  • Performance Improvements on geographic view filter
  • Performance improvements in Feature Editor (Text Boxes)
  • Sorting of observations in Feature Editor
  • Support for sensor type icons
  • Performance on geographic view filters
  • Picker controls: Changed Layout, Possibility to open picked element
  • Property Subtype: Datetime
  • Smart Client: Swedish translation improved

Bug Fixes

  • Tab not working in text boxes of Feature Editor
  • Removed Functionality
  • Presentation template bindings removed, all settings now stored in presentation template

Hotfix 1 (2016-05-26)

Smart Client Version 1.35.16132.16146

  • Corrected layout issues for WMS service settings in Map view definition

Hotfix 2 (2016-06-15)

Smart Client Version 1.35.16132.16166

  • Enhancement: New text template variable for export file name in export definitions AxisOffsetTo
  • Enhancement: Proxy server settings now support Bypass Addresses (Smart Client andpplication Server)
  • Enhancement: Geometry Editor for geological heading face documentation: Dynamic layout for selection list now displays long texts correctly
  • Enhancement: Geometry editor for feature type geological heading face now displays more information about lithological unit.
  • Fix: Control for Multi-line text properties did not allow line breaks.
  • Fix: Several translation fixes
  • Fix: Classification element creation: Empy lines are disregarded
  • Fix: Classification property: Reset to null did not work