Database Version:
Application Server Version: 1.46.17129.*
Smart Client Version: 1.46.17129.*

(Picture by Alpsdake (Own work) CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)


  • Map view:
    • Axis layer: Option to hide from legend
    • Content layers: Zoom dependent label visibility
  • View filter terms:
    • New Feature term: Filter for string properties of extended feature data
    • Changed Feature Name and description term
  • Smart Client: Map view: Selection tool
    • New rectangle selection tool
    • Buffer now only applies to point and line selection
    • Features on invisible layers are not selected
  • Charting:
    • Time chart: Option for Break-on-null
    • New option to disable rendering of a pin
  • New visualization options (classification element etc.): Redbex font symbol, Texture image, Color 3
  • Smart Client: Feature Explorer: Changed way for switching panes
  • Smart Client: Double click support in View Explorer, Feature Explorer and Domain-Context
  • Data Import: GVR: Now allows empty data sections
  • Smart Client Setup: Redbex font added to setup (installed as Windows font)
  • Application Server Setup: Redbex font added to setup (installed as Windows font)

Bug Fixes

  • Data Import: GVR: Fixed problem with incomplete imports
  • Several translation updates in DE, EN and SV