Database Version:
Application Server Version: 1.48.17216.*
Smart Client Version: 1.48.17216.*

(Picture by Didier Descouens (Own work) CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons


  • Enhanced TMO import
  • Message forwarding rules
    • Combined Twilio & SMPP into one medium
    • Global message forward rules
    • Additional filtering possibilities (different string pattern matching, subject/body filter, source context filter)
    • Performance improvements
  • Messaging: Source context for messages
  • Smart Client: Messaging: Create message window layout changed
  • Application Server: User AD-Synchronization: New option to keep local users (and not deactivate them)
  • Deleting features that are member of a view.
  • Application Server: Deleting feature: Performance enhancements when deleting huge amounts of features.
  • Smart Client: Toast notifications: Notifications now appear in the right upper edge of the application window, auothide after 12s, or stay if hovered.
  • Queying approval workflows for view: Performance and stability improvements
  • Adding default classifications to all classificaitons in a domain
  • Map view: Legend for layer observations of feature can now show the layer name
  • Smart Client: Window management: Active windows dropdown & scroll buttons
  • Property structures: Initial sequence for properties is now deployed
  • Smart Client: Feature type editor: Changed layout and show more information about hte feature type.
  • Smart Client: Alarms: Option to add feature that caused an alarm to current selection

Bug Fixes

  • DEM: Cache failed to update when new DEM was imported.
  • Smart Client: Info area tool tips were not showing
  • Applicaiton Server: Export: Features&Observations XLSX problems with decimal separator, boolean and date time values fixed.
  • Smart Client: Feature creation: Spatial data now not available if feature has spatial support on observations.
  • Smart Client: Charting: Datapoint text on hover was not showing, context menu was not working