Latest versions in this release branch:

Database Version: 1.34.0
Application Server Version:
Smart Client Version:
MappRover Version: 0.17.1

Image: By No machine-readable author provided. Akumiszcza assumed (based on copyright claims). [ CC-BY-SA-3.0  or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

Application Server

  • TMO Import performance optimization
  • View filter term type for observation tag
  • Performace improvement on feature search in Feature Explorer
  • In-Feature Calculation: Report to client when finished(upto 5 features)
  • Features tags shall not be allowed on Observation tag view filter term
  • Alarm being created although value outside of min and max
  • MapView Layer with shape does not work
  • MapView Layer with CAD drawing does not work
  • Lantmäteriet import using Kommun, Trakt
  • Various TMO import fails
  • TMO Infaltration feature’s unit issue

Application Server Database

No changes

Smart Client

  • Feature and Observation tag view filters
  • User and User Groups: New “read-only” window
  • User and User Groups: Administration window as a document window(opens in the center area)
  • User and User Groups: Could not assign a user to a user group

Modular updates

  • Feature type: Mätrunda: Support for Line and Multiline geometries


  • Work offline mode
  • Many enhancement on mapprover ui
  • Create MappRover001 Report
  • Show on screen help when some tool is pressed, apprears at the bottom of the screen for 5 seconds
  • Logging on error
  • Toast message not appearing
  • Better error message on log-in errors

Symbol key

Fixed software defect, New funcationality, Minor enhanement, improved funcationality,   Removed funcationality,  Breaking change or customer action needed.