Latest versions in this release branch:

Database Version: 1.36.0
Application Server Version:
Smart Client Version:
MappRover Version: 0.20.1

Cláudio Dias Timm from Rio Grande do Sul [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Application Server

  • [RST-1311] – Observation tags not possible to export
  • [RST-1357] – Create new Import “Dibit”
  • [RST-1436] – Export bearing for observations export when export coordinate system is Axis
  • [RST-1458] – Geological heading face in feature calculation enhancement
  • [RST-1398] – error message “Du har inte den effektiva domänbehörigheten “Läs” på den hämtade domänen”.
  • [RST-1425] – Can’t export collection data without rows

Application Server Database

No changes

Smart Client

  • [RST-1367] – Zoom to layer
  • [RST-1418] – Observations view: After save observation it shall focus/load the last(modified observation)
  • [RST-1384] – Feature tags and observation tags
  • [RST-1380] – Layer visibility for WMS layers is not working
  • [RST-1395] – Selection by polygon in map includes features outside the polygon
  • [RST-1442] – Can’t open Example project view on Azure server

Modular updates

  • [RST-1417] – Comments on MappRover report, this issue will be exented


  • [RST-1319] – Specify what you are removing in pop up
  • [RST-1406] – Ordering of parameters in attribute lists
  • [RST-1408] – Prognosed fractures visualized as dashed lines
  • [RST-1280] – SmartClient report doesn’t zoom to correct mapping event on map
  • [RST-1438] – Dip value collides with the line in v. 0.19.05
  • [RST-1452] – Mapprover: Sync error when workspace deleted from server, but exist on client device.
  • [RST-1454] – MappRover: Change to selector tool with continues drawing and hide the secondary buttons after create mapping event with axis

Symbol key

Fixed software defect, New funcationality, Minor enhanement, improved funcationality,   Removed funcationality,  Breaking change or customer action needed.