Latest versions in this release branch:

Database Version: 1.36.0
Application Server Version:
Smart Client Version:
MappRover Version: 0.20.1

Andreas Trepte [CC BY-SA 2.5 (], from Wikimedia Commons

Application Server

  • [RST-1280] – Mapprover report doesn’t zoom to correct mapping event on map
  • [RST-1398] – error message “Du har inte den effektiva domänbehörigheten “Läs” på den hämtade domänen”.
  • [RST-1481] – Trafikverkets test environment has crashed two times this week
  • [RST-1490] – In generic import, we don’t have XYZ for observation only WKT
  • [RST-1494] – Import observations without permission to create classification elements
  • [RST-1357] – Create new Import “Dibit”
  • [RST-1505] – Section drawing: Classification element type, max bar width
  • [RST-1506] – In feature calculation: Geological heading face documentation copy Weathering (Verwitterung) property to the combined collection
  • [RST-281] – Diagrams – additional “change to first” functionality
  • [RST-296] – Quick Creation of charts
  • [RST-1311] – Observation tags not possible to export
  • [RST-1351] – Remove the attribute FNR_FDS (Fastighetsnyckel) from import Lantmäteriet fastigheter
  • [RST-1397] – Charting: Bar chart
  • [RST-1411] – Different symbols for observations based on the approval stage (for graphs)
  • [RST-1413] – Charting: Possibility to chart observation values with alarm with different severity levels

Application Server Database

No changes

Smart Client

  • [RST-1499] – Feature editor: Observation Busy indicator fixed
  • [RST-1500] – When choosing to display unit in legend, Smart Client also display it in y axis title
  • [RST-1418] – Observations view: After save observation it shall focus/load the last(modified observation)
  • [RST-1462] – Add check box in SectionDrawing layer which enable Drop dynamic content
  • [RST-1484] – Observation list view create duplicate item while switch from tabular to list view
  • [RST-1384] – Feature and observation tags enhancements

Modular updates

  • [RST-1417] – Comments on MappRover report, this issue will be exented
  • [RST-1420] – MappRover report fractures table not correct
  • [RST-1475] – Changes to MappRover report
  • [RST-1073] – New fields for 3D movement
  • [RST-1471] – Report for settlement feature
  • [RST-1474] – Create an Excel field protocol for groundwater and settlement for measurement round


No changes

Symbol key

Fixed software defect, New funcationality, Minor enhanement, improved funcationality,   Removed funcationality,  Breaking change or customer action needed.