Latest versions in this release branch:

Database Version: 1.36.0
Application Server Version:
Smart Client Version:
MappRover Version: 0.20.2

Arthur Chapman [CC BY 2.0 (]

Application Server

  • [RST-1280] – Mapprover report doesn’t zoom to correct mapping event on map
  • [RST-1521] – Diagram does not show all observations
  • [RST-1522] – Import multiple observation tags
  • [RST-1529] – The map printed in a report does not leave a margin enough for features on the edge of the map.
  • [RST-1545] – Disabled observation monitoring bug
  • [RST-1547] – Labels are cut in the map
  • [RST-1551] – HASP import
  • [RST-1691] – Hasp: VATTEN-GRUNDVATTEN: Redbex: Ground water level: Missing observation values
  • [RST-1692] – HASP: VATTEN-TUNNELVATTEN: Redbex: In situ water characteristic: Wrong conductivity unit
  • [RST-1693] – HASP: VATTEN-YTVATTEN: Redbex: In situ vattenegenskaper sjö/damm (In situ water characteristic lantic water)
  • [RST-1694] – HASP: VATTEN-YTVATTEN: Redbex: Water analysis
  • [RST-1360] – HASP: VATTEN-YTVATTEN: In situ water characteristic: For some features observations are missing, Example feature Q01, parameter pH (i fält).
  • [RST-1363] – Hasp: VATTEN-GRUNDVATTEN: Ground water level: When there is no observation but with parameters it shall still create the features
  • [RST-1556] – TMO import v1.71 fails
  • [RST-1560] – It’s possible to add sub feature types with identical names
  • [RST-1574] – It is possible to have more than one feature with the same name in identity domain
  • [RST-1576] – Importing 15 observations from 15 files, only inserts 1 observation
  • [RST-1594] – Populate layers with features even though the layers are in a folder
  • [RST-1595] – WGS 84 (with out Pseudo Mercator) doesn’t convert coordinates correctly
  • [RST-1599] – Error message when using scroll wheel in graph
  • [RST-1661] – Feature selection refresh doesn’t handle deleted features
  • [RST-1684] – Can’t export to FTP server
  • [RST-1690] – Inclinometer chart crashes
  • [RST-1705] – View which is based on specific features throws an error
  • [RST-1555] – Export Project kilometer
  • [RST-1557] – Feature and Observations Export: Feature name split with a delimiter char and put them in columns
  • [RST-1586] – Internal database error
  • [RST-1704] – Clean up temporary files created by after import completes
  • [RST-1482] – Calculate ground water / pore pressure level from pore pressure
  • [RST-1492] – Trigger alarm and messages on observation tags
  • [RST-1495] – Improved approval process
  • [RST-1502] – Open templates from map
  • [RST-1536] – Create icon for inactive users
  • [RST-1588] – Translation: “Ta bort” -> “Radera”
  • [RST-1593] – Export templates enhancement with feature types
  • [RST-1668] – Include lab in description of classification element when creating a classification from an Interlab import

Application Server Database

No changes

Smart Client

  • [RST-1369] – Sometimes it is not possible to right-click a layer list in a map
  • [RST-1395] – Selection by polygon in map includes features outside the polygon
  • [RST-1516] – Can’t go back to observation after one being in progress
  • [RST-1544] – Mapping template modification answering “yes” will not save and close
  • [RST-1550] – Smart client crash
  • [RST-1561] – Right clicking chart template and choosing “open and execute presentation” only opens the chart
  • [RST-1563] – Linked templates (chart, map or report) for a specific feature type are NOT unique for a specific domain.
  • [RST-1570] – In the view creator, show domain on sub feature type
  • [RST-1581] – Smart Client crash when moving observation tags
  • [RST-1558] – Feature Editor: Generate presentation button shall not open the template editor. Just queue the job

Modular updates

  • [RST-1417] – Comments on MappRover report, this issue will be exented
  • [RST-1420] – MappRover report fractures table not correct
  • [RST-1658] – Changes to MappRover report


No changes

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