Latest versions in this release branch:

Database Version: 1.36.0
Application Server Version:
Smart Client Version:
MappRover Version: 0.20.4

Jason Thompson [CC BY 2.0 (]

Application Server

  • [RST-1680] – Export should be able to support sub feature type
  • [RST-1686] – Update sub feature type with generic import
  • [RST-1715] – Hide Export bearing when no spatial location & add coordinate axis in spatial system
  • [RST-1716] – Type specific data missing on Vattenalays for interlab imported features
  • [RST-1719] – update versions in report
  • [RST-1577] – Observation PCS doesn’t show in generic import template
  • [RST-1665] – Showing unit and classification element in charts

Application Server Database

No changes

Smart Client

  • [RST-1675] – When a feature PSC is already open, a new feature PSC opens the wrong domain
  • [RST-1712] – Not possible to delete observation when creating manually

Modular updates

  • [RST-1073] – New fields for 3D movement
  • [RST-1573] – New attribute for feature “infiltration”
  • [RST-1579] – New attributes for “vattenanalys”
  • [RST-1587] – Add wind speed and wind direction to meteorological situation
  • [RST-1698] – Add brickor to systembult (feature type change)


  • [RST-1699] – All variation cuts number after dash
  • [RST-1452] – Mapprover: Sync error when workspace deleted from server, but exist on client device.
  • [RST-1621] – REQ0188: RMR attributes
  • [RST-1636] – REQ0165: Attributes of a discontinuity mapping object 74
  • [RST-1655] – REQ0326: Toggle layer visibility 125
  • [RST-1648] – REQ0131: Grid precision allow 0.5m grid
  • [RST-1390] – Polygon by axis adds minor decimal values like .01 or .1
  • [RST-1636] – REQ0165: Attributes of a discontinuity mapping object
  • [RST-1698] – Add brickor to systembult (feature type change)
  • [RST-1700] – Stupning 80 gets the wrong symbol

Symbol key

Fixed software defect, New funcationality, Minor enhanement, improved funcationality,   Removed funcationality,  Breaking change or customer action needed.