Redbex supports advanced navigation between the features. You can model real-life relations between the features in order to better represent your domain. For example, you can have a feature “House”, which is not a sensor by itself, but has a spatial position of a house in the real world. All sensors, installed on this house, can be associated with it and easily accessible from the Feature Explorer (see screenshot).

The original plaform object may have the position, whereas all other objects can be positioned relative to it.
However generic Redbex might be, we cannot foresee all the needs of your domain. If some features make sense only as a group, just add them to the parent grouping feature.
Once grouped together, you will never lose your related features. Everything is traceable from the Feature Explorer.
Sometimes features are not really related with each other in space or by meaning, but their data may be still helpful to better understand the big picture. To acheive this, you can associate features with each other, just like you add a photo or a document to a feature of your choice.