Redbex is a software system that brings extensive functionality and has huge potential for enhancing and optimizing the way you manage and evaluate your sensor data, i.e. data that is produced by monitoring the characteristics of the natural environment.

Redbex builds on universal concepts, standards and work flows that allow using the product in many different application areas. Being a very generic software platform it is likely that Redbex will perfectly suit the requirements for your specific projects or tasks.

Redbex Highilights

Who can use Redbex

While the possible application areas for Redbex are unlimited and therefore the product is not limited to specific types of organizations, following types of organizations are examples that will benefit a lot from using Redbex.

  • Ministry of Transportation: Centralization of all project data
  • Energy companies: Dam Monitoring, Construction project monitoring
  • Site supervision: Managing all monitoring data centrally
  • Construction companies: Document all performed work.
  • Environmental monitoring: Document status quo and development of environmental characteristics
  • … and many more

How does Redbex help

Redbex centralizes all the data you gather from monitoring the environment. It therefore provides a platform where you can access all data, compare all data and present data in various ways. Redbex takes an interdisciplinary approach and therefore enables you to elicit information from your data that otherwise would not be visible.

Bringing all data together in one central repository and allowing all the people in your organization to see, evaluate and present this data helps you to save time, enhance quality and to fulfill legal requirements.

Indications for using Redbex

If you have one or more of the following problems, then Redbex is likely to be the perfect tool to make your life easier.

  • Too much data to evaluate
  • Cannot get information in time
  • Information is hidden in a pile of data
  • Cannot get the right data at the right time
  • Data format hell