Getting started with a new product is not always easy. Although Redbex offers an extensive documentation and a full-featured video series to get you quickly started, you might prefer a more individual approach. Some of our customers need to train a lot of personnel in a short period of time. Others plan a big project and need an on-site system administrator, whose knowledge goes far beyond every-day tasks that you can perform with Redbex.

For these cases we are happy to offer you training courses. Our specialists have many years of experience in data management in many different projects and will not only give you a off-the-shelf training but help you to make the most out of Redbex for your specific projects.

Training courses can be held on-site or as a web-based training. Please shortly describe your needs and contact us for more details. We are sure we can find a perfect solution for you.

Discover the benefits of Redbex training courses like many other of our customers.