With Redbex your data is always at your fingertips, because it is dynamically organized with views. You can generally think of views as a folder structure, which contains your features (observed sensor data). However there is one big advantage: behind each view there is a filter, which queries all features in the database. E.g. you can create a view that says “give me all extensometers in Project A that have new observations within the last 3 days”.

Next big advantage comes with the fact, that views are hierarchical and have access rights. E.g. the chief engineer on a building site can use a view that says “give me all features in the project of my building site”. This view can contain other subview, e.g. one that says “give me all 3D measurement points”. The filter condition of this subview is than combined with the parent view, thus it will effectively return all 3D measurement points in the project of the building site only. This view can be made accessible for surveillance engineers on the site. The chief surveillance engineer of the company, however, can use a view “all 3D measurement points on all building sites where our company is active”.

Therefore it is entirely up to you, how you structure your data and who can access it. Furthermore  you can always change the structure.

Think of all your data as of a big warehouse, where you can decide, how you organize your data.
Do you have sensitive data? Or just a lot of data, and you do not want that your employees get overwhelmed with it? Use fine tuned views and assign them to exactly the people you want.
Views can use dynamic time and data filters. Therefore it is easy to create views like “all inclinometer with no observations in the last week” or “all temperature sensors that have registered values above +20 and below -10 degrees”.
The tree of views is searchable. Moreover, you can color-code your views in order to be able to find them easily. There is also an option to add views that you use most to the “Favorites”.
If the view structure created by your administrator is not good enough for you, you can always make the filter more specific by adding private views, which are visible only to you.