Redbex has a built-in user management system, which can support hundreds of users. Thanks to the system of privileges, you have a fine grained control over who can access what data. You can assign privileges on domains (projects), directly on individual features (sensor measurements) and even views. Views represent dynamic folders, which filter feature based on a certain criteria. This makes privileges in Redbex extremely versatile and also allows you to define dynamic privileges. Privileges based on geographic regions, privileges based on time constraints, and privileges based on the project progress are just some of the unlimited examples how to use Redbex’ privilege system.

Control everything about your data and be sure your users can see and modify only what they need to. Specify your own roles within Redbex so that the privilege system matches your organizational structures.
Redbex supports thousands of users. You can group them as you like into hierarchically structured user groups and assign privileges to these user groups. This gives you versatile possibilities to structure users and privileges and at the same time keeps maintenance at a minimum.