Wherever you are recording data positioned on an axis (e.g. a railway line, a tunnel, a street) axis section drawings are a good way of presenting a lot of information at once. While traditionally these axis section drawings are created manually with CAD software, Redbex provides you a mighty framework that can create axis section drawings in DXF format in just seconds, thus saving you many hours of work and allowing you to have up-to-date drawings whenever you need them.

Based on predefined row types, the content and layout of axis section drawings in Redbex can be fully customized. Using different templates you can easily define a standard layout for each of your projects. The actual generation of the axis section drawing can also be automated using Redbex’ job engine.

Layout and content of axis section drawings can be defined using templates. The generation of DXF files from these templates can be automated using Redbex’s job engine. This way you can automatically and repeatedly generate axis section drawings with the latest data.
Axis section drawings are generated in DXF format. This way you can easily share the drawings with other people and you can of course modify them or include them in other CAD drawings
Based on predefined row types, Redbex gives you a rich set of possibilities to display data in your axis section drawings. Text, bar charts, line charts and many other row types are available to present data.
If you locate your features on axes you can do so using different axis reference systems. When generating axis section drawings Redbex will convert all location data in the background to match the selected output reference system. This of course also includes features whose location is stored using a projected or geographic coordinate system.
Redbex allows you to configure your axis section drawing templates in a way that they will be generated for those sections of your axes that are currently most interesting. Just define a dynamic axis filter based on an axis position feature (e.g. advance status in a tunnel) and you are all set.