Let Redbex do the paper work

In many projects reporting, i.e. compiling data, charts, maps etc into a document for printout or on-screen viewing is a tedious task. Redbex includes a mighty reporting engine that can do much of the paper work for you. Based on the data stored in redbex and your custom data presentations (maps, charts etc) Redbex can generate reports in PDF and DOCX format

Redbex comes with some basic report types, which can be customized to your needs. If you have specific reporting needs for your project or organization you can order your own custom made report types that will present data exactly how you need it. Customized report types will be simply added to your Redbex installation as plugins.

Redbex provides several ready-made general purpose reports that can be customized by you.
Needs of every company and often of every project are specific. Just tell us, what report you want, define you layout, tell us, how exactly you want to structure your data, and we will prepare it for you. No need for new installation – report will be delivered online and will be immediately available in your system.
Redbex supports saving of generated reports as PDF, MS Word and MS Excel files.
Never forget to prepare a report again. With Redbex you can schedule a report to be generated in regular intervals on the subset of data you want. Generated report can be accessed through Redbex can be automatically delivered to other systems (e.g. an FTP server)
Working in an international company or international project? Redbex reports can be automatically generated in different languages.