Database Version:
Application Server Version: 1.39.16266.16271
Smart Client Version: 1.39.16266.16271

(By Matt Reinbold from Bismarck, ND, USA (Columbia Silk Moth), licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons)


  • Smart Client: Map View definition: Layers now show layer type in tool-tip
  • Smart Client: Feature creation: Enhanced user interface for Feature type selection and Axis Reference system selection.
  • Smart Client: Map Views, Charts, Axis Section Drawings: Status of Clear before drop and Execute after drop is now remembered.
  • Smart Client: Map Views, Charts, Axis Section Drawings: Rename button for layers / pins / rows now also visible if label exceeds available space.
  • Smart Client: Status of Feature Search Dock area now is now remembered.
  • Smart Client: Associated Data window: Attachement details editor is now a Window modal form.
  • Modular Updates: Modular updates can now be scheduled using a stored job definition.

Bug fixes

  • TMO data import: several bug fixes
  • Direct execution of a report template from Feature Editor failed
  • Feature Type Blast Vibration: Value property could not be customized using PSC for observations.
  • Smart Client: Feature Editor: Tabular observation view: Sampling Timestamp and Result Timestamp were not translated.
  • Smart Client: Domain Explorer: Domain Context: Open and execute did not work for chart templates