Database Version:
Application Server Version: 1.45.17094.*
Smart Client Version: 1.45.17094.*

(Picture by Daniel SChwen (Own work) CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)


  • User management: New Department field
    • Smart Client: User & User Groups: Column for Department (filterable and sortable)
    • Active directory synchronization: Department field is synchronized with Active Directory Department information
    • Smart Client: Create users window: New column to specify department
    • Smart Client: Create users window: Import format for users list changed (now includes Department also)
  • Smart Client: Export definitions and Import definitions: Save a copy of an existing template
  • Charting: Size of data point markers now independent of canvas size
  • Smart Client: Presentation definition windows layout updated (Map template, Axis section drawing template, Chart template)
  • Smart Client: Feature Editor windows layout updated