Database Version:
Application Server Version: 1.40.16293.16298
Smart Client Version: 1.40.16293.16298

(Leafhopper by Pavel Kirillov, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0)

New functionality

  • New Message forwarding media SMPP.
  • Message delivery logs: The delivery to external media (e.g. SMS, SMTP, SMPP) can now be checked using the message delivery log.
  • Map view: Generate to-scale PDF documents


  • Export: Export type Features & Observations as tabular format: Export can now be split into separate files (one file per feature)
  • Messaging: Message forwarding SMS transformation: Now also shows part of the message body.
  • Messaging: Message forwarding SMS transformation: HTML formatting codes are stripped from body
  • Smart Client: Message center: Send date is now shown
  • Attachment Tag numbers are shown even if tag is renamed
  • Smart Client: Feature type privileges are now accessible from the Feature Type Editor window (and not any more from the Domain Explorer window).
  • Author privileges: Creator automatically gets privileges on newly created features
  • Smart Client: Output Messages window: shows latest messages when first opened
  • Approval consistency check: Under specific circumstances approval workflows can become invalid. The applicatio server cleans these invalid workflows automatically.

Bug fixes

  • Export type: Features & Observations as tabular format: Date values were wrongly formatted in XLSX files.
  • Export type: Features & Observations as tabular format: First sheet was left empty in XLSX files.
  • Application Server: Axis section drawing: Resetting background color to no color did not work.
  • Smart Client: Associated data not shown when window is opened after feature has been selected
  • Smart Client: Feature Editor: After adding a new observation and immediately deleting that observation Smart Client asked to save changes.
  • Application Server: Changing password did allow old password to be used as new password
  • Smart Client: Changing feature-subtype was not working
  • Smart Client: Some tool windows could not be reopened once they were closed
  • Smart Client: Feature Editor: Geometry Editor: Fixed The drawn geometry is invalid exception
  • Application Server: Domain path was shown wrong when shown in effective privileges for domains
  • Application Server: Authorization: System permission All Permissions on all feature types was not respected.
  • Application Server: Fixed crash when caching views that ran into a Database Timeout.

Hofix 1 (released 2016-11-02)

  • Fixed issue that prevented users from creating feature-type privileges under some circumstances.